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It’s a Greek Thing

    While often times associated with parties and over-socializing, Greek Life is an untapped resource for many brands. These sub-networks of young minds spread ideas and messaging across college campuses all over the country- and that’s just the beginning. Strength in Numbers. Sororities and fraternities only thrive if their respective collectives thrive. Because of this, […]

No Rest for the Wicked: The Life of a Student

Brands, like you, are activating their student rep programs on college campuses throughout the country, providing an answer to the weary student’s prayers and granting them a flexible way to earn money and gain real-world experience. The reason being, this is a typical student’s routine: Wake up, go to class, meet up with friends, study, […]

Staying ‘On Fleek’ with Gen Z During the Holidays

Before we know it, the halls will be decked for the holidays and many of us will be trying to figure out what to buy for our friends and families. While those of an older generation prefer handmade gifts and trinkets, marketing to college students, or more specifically, Gen Z, leaves many puzzled, with their […]

7 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Student Marketing Agencies

The rules for market to today’s college students have changed. Both on the legal front and what resonates with them. According to a survey of Elite Daily readers/subscribers  33% of millennials rely mostly on blogs before they make a purchase, compared to fewer than 3% for TV news, magazines, and books. That number looks a […]

8 Ways to Do Halloween Campus Marketing 2016

Halloween differently this year. When everyone else is organizing a pub crawl—boring—you organize a costume swap. That’s the beauty of Halloween; it’s kind to the “freaks” of the idea bin. Just look at the advertising that brands do off campus around this time of year. Do you think Snickers could have gotten away with their […]

Using SEC University Traditions to Market Your Products to the Campus Community

The SEC has a rich history and a myriad of traditions. Established in 1932, the Southeastern Conference of Colleges includes 14 schools, located from Missouri to Texas to Florida. Among these are Vanderbilt University, the University of Florida, the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), the University of Alabama, Auburn University and Texas A & M. […]

Five Big 10 College Traditions Your Brand Can Take Advantage Of

Whether you’re a well-known, large brand or an up and coming company, one of the largest and most valuable markets available to you is that on the college campus. Big 10 Schools and Colleges across the country are a large source of revenue for much more than you think. It’s not just the young adults […]